Code of Coduct Top Schools

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 (on the bus/in hostel/at playing venue)


1.         Learners who participate in the following activities will be withdrawn with immediate effect. The school principal and parents will be informed of the violation.

1.  Use or distribute alcohol or illegal drugs as defined in the SA Schools Act.

2.  Carrying dangerous objects including knives, firearms or any item that could harm a person.

3. The carrying and/or smoking of cigarettes.

4.  Theft, robbery

5.  Vandalism

6.  Damage to the school’s or the organiser’s property. (Parents will be held responsible for replacement or fixing)

7.  Fighting, attempt to assault, assault

8. Sexual harassment

9. Sexual activities

10. Leaving the school or the hostel premises without the permission of the team manager.


2.         Learners who participate in the following activities will be receive one verbal warning and will be withdrawn after second offence. The team management and parents will be informed of the violation.


1.  Disrespectful towards team mangers, officials, arbiters, team leaders and any personnel from the school.

2. Disrespectful towards other players

3. Swearing, derogatory remarks, obscene gestures

4. Cheating, attempting to cheat

5. Entrance of unauthorised areas

6. Intimidation by verbal or physical threat (bullying)

7. Failure to wear prescribed attire during the rounds

8. Littering

9. Excessively noisy or unruly behaviour outside playing venue

10. Possession of offensive material


All school rules will apply during the tournament.

Tournament rules as announced by the arbiter will be applied during the tournament.

Additional rules as indicated by the different regions will be applied to the players of that region.




For spectators


Please take note of the following:


  • Only officials (with tags) will be allowed on the floor of the playing venue during rounds.
  • All parents, coaches, other family members must leave the playing venue after the announcements are done and the round starts.
  • Players must leave the playing venue after their games are finished and their scores had been taken.
  • Only officials are allowed in the computer rooms/ other areas restricted to officials.
  • If a player will be absent for a specific round or withdraw due to illness parents must inform the team manager which will notify the computer operator and the arbiter.
  • Parents/coaches are not allowed to query the arbiters or floor officials. If parents/coaches have any questions, those questions must be submitted to the respective team managers during breaks. The team manager will forward them to the applicable official and the team manager will give feedback to the parent.
  • Please only use authorised areas as indicated by the organisers.
  • Please note that no charging of electronic equipment are allowed at venue
  • No food preparation on the school premises
  • Please do not litter
  • Please maintain to an acceptable noise level outside the playing venue.
  • Please ensure that your children maintain to an acceptable noise level outside the playing venue.
  • Please note players may not leave the premises during rounds – only during the official meal breaks
  • Please do not put additional pressure on the players to win (it is stressful enough for them especially for the younger players). Remember that children are much more susceptible to body language than to verbal content.
  • Give positive feedback even if they lost a game & be realistic about their abilities
  • Please show good sportsmanship towards other players
  • Respect the decisions of the arbiter, and teach your children to respect it too.


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