Western Cape Top Schools Results

Results Western Cape Top Schools: Quick Stats

UNDER 19 (mixed)
1st.  Curro Durbanville (North)
6th.  Paarl Vallei (East)
7th.  Star College (Central)
8th.  Fairmount (South)

UNDER 15 (Mixed)
3rd. Curro Durbanville (North)
7th. Parel Vallei (East

UNDER 19 (girls)
1st.  Ravensmead (North)
3rd.  Brackenfell (East)
4th.  St Cyprians (Central)

UNDER 15 (Girls)
1st. Sinaka (East)

ALL THE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS TEAMS(19,17,15) PLAYED IN ONE GROUP. Ravensmead was 1st and Sinako 3rd in overall group.

UNDER 13 (Mixed)
2nd.  Curro Durbanville (North)
3rd.  Impendula (East)
5th.  Hidayatul (Central)
6th.  Kirstenhof (South)

UNDER 13 (Girls)
1st.  Webner Street (North)
5th.  Gordonsbaai (East)
20th. St Cyprians (Central)

UNDER 11 (Mixed)
1st. De Hoop (East)
2nd. Eversdal (North)
8th. Imbasa (South)

UNDER 9 (Mixed)
3rd.  De Hoop (East)
4th.  Welgemoed (North)
9th.  Forrres (Central)
11th.  Fish Hoek (South)

Congratulations to all the above teams - you did Metro proud! Congratulations also to the team managers and coaches for your hard work and sacrifice!✍🤠


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